Fueled By the Gospel

By Colorado Baptists Staff

Can you imagine your whole life you’ve heard that your people will be saved by a Messiah?  He will come and rescue you and reestablish your nation to rule itself and reign.  

Then he comes.  He changes everything.  

But this kind of change is more of a spiritual salvation than a geopolitical salvation.  It’s a salvation that saves us from our deepest selves.  It’s a salvation that takes us from a path of destruction to a path of abundance.  To life.  Life forever.  

You come to realize it deep down in your soul as you follow this Messiah for three years.  Then this messenger’s message is ultimately validated as you watch him take on the cross, be buried in a tomb, and then raised three days later from the grave.  

There is no doubt. Salvation has come. You can be reconciled in your relationship with the Father.  Not through your good works, but by the sacrifice of a perfect person.  Jesus Christ.  God himself.

And then as you begin receiving the fullness of this life—life eternal, life abundant, life everlasting, life that satisfies your every longing, a life where every bit of your internal, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual struggle will find its completeness—Jesus turns to you and says, this life is not for you only, but for others also.  Now go and proclaim it.  

This is where we are in the continuum of time.  We are not only receivers of this great life, but we are messengers of this great message.  We are witnesses to the transforming power of the Gospel in our own lives.  Each one of us are co-missionaries with God to proclaim to others how they too can receive this life.  

And it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that this world is longing for life.  It’s cries for justice, for righteousness, for understanding are coming from passengers on a road to destruction looking for an off-ramp.  Is there any hope?

As a response to this new life, we live in radical obedience with a calling that is far beyond any purpose this world could conjure up.  We follow the Spirit’s leading into towns, communities, and neighborhoods. Connecting with others—others who are different, others who are searching, others who are looking for hope—and we proclaim the message that they’ve been looking for.  

The Gospel.  The power of God for salvation.  

And just as the disciples were sent out with this message to take it beyond themselves, we too network together to take the Gospel throughout all parts of Colorado and beyond!

Collaboratively, we move into urban centers and country sides.  We move into the plains and into the mountains.  We connect with natives, non-natives, and refugees.  We set up outposts where this message is not only proclaimed, but lived out in a way for people to experience it in community.  

And we boldly share what we can’t help but share.  The Gospel. 

Colorado Baptists are fueled by the Gospel.  

This is the unrelenting passion of your staff at Colorado Baptists.  We are about serving every Colorado church in its next step journey to accelerate Gospel impact.  

Urgency demands clarity.  Clarity demands focus.  Focus demands intentionality.  

What is your next step to accelerate Gospel impact?

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