Our mission

We are churches advancing the gospel together

Our Values

Gospel Movement: A Gospel witness in every community

Church First: Every church in every context matters

Regionally Inspired: Strategy uniquely developed by every region

Intentionally Caring: Deliberately seeking and caring for the needs of our churches.

Anything Possible: Radical faith to follow what God is going to do.

How we can help

We have a team of seasoned pastors from your context that are here to help you fulfill God’s mission for your church. Here’s how they can help.

Our Strategy

Engage for Gospel Impact
Connect with like-minded churches to share ideas, resources, and people to make a greater impact.

Encourage through Personal Presence
Every ministry leader can benefit from being connected with others. You are not alone.

Equip Resourcing for Impact
You have vast resources available on the local, national, and international levels. How can we help?

Empower Guiding, Coaching, and Training
We can help you and your church navigate challenges and take your next step.

Regional Directors