From My Lips to Your Ears

my lips to yours

By John Moreland, President’s Perspective

As I’ve thought about what to say for this edition, I’ve felt led more toward a heart-to-heart conversation, rather than a formal “article”. I trust that you’ll allow that this go around. Thus, as you read, I’m asking you to imagine we’re sitting in a coffee shop sharing our hearts with one another. Some might argue that approach is not very presidential, but I think transparency as a leader is underrated. Thus, hear my heart when I say the following 3 things…

Race will not divide us.

Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room, I am black and most of you reading this are not. As we examine the landscape of the country, one of the most inflammatory and divisive elements, which we face today, is that of race. From my mouth to your ears – RACE WILL NOT DIVIDE COLORADO BAPTISTS! To be sure, there are things that we will see from differing perspectives and quite likely, will conclude differently as a result of those perspectives, but I want to assure you that my heart is to love – to love Jesus, and to love His people. All of His people! So, whether you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or any other ethnicity, if you are a part of the Colorado Baptists family and network of churches, we are on the same team! I am committed to unity above all things. So, from my lips to your ears – RACE WILL NOT DIVIDE US.

Politics will not divide us.

God has Christians who politically identify as Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. He must! The notion that all Christians belong to one party or the other is simply not reasonable. Though, there are some politicians who would have us to believe that. Tim Keller has an insightful perspective that we’d all do well to hear. He recently stated, “The Bible binds my conscience to care for the poor, but it does not tell me the best practical way to do it. Any particular strategy (high taxes and government services vs. low taxes and private charity) may be good and wise and may even be somewhat inferred from other things the Bible teaches, but they are not directly commanded…” We must not allow ourselves to be manipulated by political messages. This is not to say that there aren’t Gospel implications in some political decisions, however, we must take care not to think that it is the intention of God to rule the world through political means. There is no biblical evidence to support this view. God uses government to steward His earthly resources and people, not to carry out a theological agenda. So, from my lips to your ears – POLITICS WILL NOT DIVIDE US. 

The Love of Jesus will unite us.

As Jesus was preparing to be crucified, He prayed to the Father that those whom The Father had given to Him would “…be one as We [Father and Son] are.”-John 17:11 It is love, as demonstrated through mutual respect and regard for all men, that will unite us. We may disagree but we don’t have to be disagreeable. We can have different viewpoints without villainizing one another. We can value different agenda items and still exist in harmony. We don’t have to be clones of one another to exist within the same body (of Christ).

I love you and I trust that you love me. May no political position, race nor any other factor ever allow us to believe anything different. Should someone suggest otherwise, tell them that you heard it from my lips to your ears. Be encouraged.