So Much To Celebrate!

The past several articles I have written for Momentum, I have shared with you the changes which are taking place across our state. I have shared about new strategies which are rolling out to better model partnership with our associations so we can all better serve the churches. However, due to recent events, I feel I must shift my focus to the wider work of Southern Baptists.

I have had a number of conversations with pastors and church members related to concerns they have with some things that have transpired at the national SBC level. Some have chosen to move away from the SBC all together. However, I feel there are things which need to be clarified. I feel there has been a disproportionate amount of negative publicity, which has completely overshadowed the great work which is still being done because of our partnership together.

There have been concerns related to the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission’s handling of the sexual abuse allegations and their hiring of Guidepost Solutions. To be honest, I am concerned about that choice as well. However, this decision by the ERLC does not negate the good which they have done for churches. The ERLC has been on the frontline fighting for the rights of the unborn. In 2015 when the Supreme Court made same- sex marriage legal, the ERLC partnered with the Alliance Defending Freedom and co-authored a document called Protect Your Ministry. This booklet helped churches position themselves to navigate a new landscape where discrimination charges could be brought against churches for not performing same-sex weddings. While one good does not excuse a poor decision, neither does a poor decision erase the good that has been done.

While the past several years have had tumultuous moments, there is still much to celebrate as Southern Baptists! Because we partner together, 3,650 IMB missionaries are able to fulfill their calling to reach people that live overseas. This is the greatest missionary force within Evangelicalism. No one church could do this, but we can celebrate what we are doing together!

The North American Mission Board was the catalyst for seeing 740 new churches in 2021. These are churches started in areas where no Gospel witness exists or where the Gospel is underserved. Yet, NAMB cannot spearhead this work alone, they are able to provide direction because we all work together to provide resources and support to church planters all across our nation. No one church can do this, but we can celebrate what we are doing together!

While the SBC is not perfect, it has never been. In the early 90’s we saw a shift which came through what we call The Conservative Resurgence. This happened because Southern Baptists stayed the course and did not give up the fight for what they believed. Let us not give up on what we can do together. There is so much to celebrate in Colorado and beyond because we are better together!

God’s Blessings!



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