Colorado Missions Offering

The Colorado Mission Offering was established to support kingdom work taking place right here in Colorado. Named in honor of Nicy Murphy for her tireless work for missionary support and education, the CMO continues to have that same mission today! 

Colorado continues to grow at a rapid pace creating an incredible opportunity for us to work together to reach our state with the life-changing message of Jesus.  This year’s theme for Colorado Missions Offering is “Better Together.”  Imagine how much we can do for the kingdom of God when we partner together to advance Gospel Impact!

Our CMO emphasis is September of each year.  Many churches take each Sunday in September to share one of the videos, celebrate how God is using our Colorado Baptists network, and encourage participation through giving to the CMO.


Did you know? CMO goes to fund:

  • Resort & Leisure Ministries
  • Gateway Seminary, Rocky Mountain Campus
  • Camp Ministries
  • Disaster Relief
  • Association Missions
  • Pastoral Care/Training
  • State Missions

Colorado Mission Offering (Nicy Murphy): Colorado Baptists contribute annually (January 1-December 31) to Colorado Missions Offering (Nicy Murphy) – a special offering specifically designated for missions and ministries in Colorado.

Learn more about the Colorado Missions Offering and all that it supports: